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Liam is a chip off of the old block from his sire Daegan. He went to his first show weekend and picked up a 5pt Specialty Major and 3 Specialty Major reserves from the 6-9 class. 

Liam is the sire of 1 Champion and 3 others pointed in the US and Canada.


EYE CHECK: CEA Normal Non-Carrier Genetic Tested and Exam Tested OFA# CO-CEA96/1M-PI
DM: Non Carrier/Clear
PRA RCD2: Clear By Parentage
OFA CARDIAC: Normal/Clear OFA# C-BCA4/16M/C-PI

OFA Dentition: Normal OFA#CO-DE104/28M-VPI

OFA Patella: Normal OFA#CO-PA54/28M/P-VPI

OFA Elbows: Normal OFA# CO-EL1058M29-VPI

OFA Hips: Excellent OFA# CO-3909E29M-VPI


DMS: AAbb Moderate Risk

Bred & Owned by Candace Hunter (Tercan Collies), Alexzandra Erb, and Theresa Marquardt (Jubillie Collies)

DOB June 19, 2019



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