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We are very excited about Park and his future in our family of dogs. He is a bright, active, people loving dog with great structure. He continues to mature and improve and won his majors at Specialties and All Breeds.

Dean Justice has been teaching Park the ropes and they are a great team in both the conformation and performance rings.


EYE CHECK: CEA Normal Carrier Genetic Tested and Exam Tested OFA# CO-CEA96/1M-PI
DM: Non Carrier/Clear
PRA RCD2: Clear By Parentage
OFA CARDIAC: Normal/Clear

OFA Dentition: Normal

OFA Patella: Normal

OFA Elbows: Pending

OFA Hips: Pending


DMS: Aabb Low Risk

Bred by Candace Hunter (Tercan Collies) & Alexzandra Erb

Owned by Dean Justice, Jeanne Justice, Candace Hunter & Alexzandra Erb


DOB Jan 16, 2021

web picture_ped_Park.jpg


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